Tennessee Theater - Knoxville, TN (January 29)

With so much buzz in the air from the previous night's extended show in Nashville, people were wondering how the energy was going to play out on this night. Never fear Knoxville, never fear....this was by far one of the best Yonder performances I have seen in many years; while Dave still tore up the banjo with a broken right hand!! With his hand in cast, it was awe inspiring to see him do as much playing as he did with such an injury...and make no mistake, he put in a full night's work.

The Yonder nation showed up proud and strong, helping ignite the fire of the YMSB machine for two sets and a wonderful encore. With Ben sporting his new aerodynamic look (it apparently makes him play faster), we were treated to "Looking Back Over My Shoulder", and "Casualty" in classic Yonder fashion. However, there was a tinge of blues in the evening...one of the best moments of the night was a rendition of "Whipping Post" led by Jeff and joined by an enthusiastic audience. At this particular moment the band truly acknowledged the energy in the beautiful Tennessee Theatre, as the crowd roared at such a well executed classic in jam grass style. We were all treated to foot stompin', put some swing in your thing flatpickin' by Adam, who also graced us with "Left Me in a Hole" that night.

It's often hard to articulate the ebb and flow of energy between performers and audience, but rest assured this was one of those special occasions in which we were all in sync. Characterized by tremendous stage presence and a flurry of strings and melody, this was a powerful performance by some of the country's best bluegrass musicians. No need to delve into the set lists here....just do yourself a favor and download the show, you will not regret it!

Written by Brent Kerns

Yonder Mountain String Band
1/29/11 Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN

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