The Landing - CEFCU - Peoria, IL (August 16)

Colin's 100th show!  It's amazing how fast that number creeps up.  We were super excited for this run of midwest shows, starting with Phish the previous night in Chicago.  We got to Peoria, and met up with our Kinfolk at the venue.  And what a neat venue!  ... Besides for the rotten stinky fish.

We got inside, got our spots, and greeted our favorite crew. Hines, Ted, and Slowbear seemed to be in pretty good spirits for this show. The weather was nice, and there was just something in the air (dead fish?). 

As more and more Kinfolk rolled in the gates, the excitement grew and grew until finally, the smoke machines were on and we were ready to rock.  The show started with "Steep Grade Sharp Curves", and before starting the next song, Ben stepped up to the mic, said some really nice words, and dedicated the show to Colin.  Then they played "Going Across the Sea".  Oh yeah, this was going to be a great night.

"Bloody Mary Morning" came before one of our favorites, "High on a HIlltop".  I think this is just one of those perfect songs.  And they played it so very very well. You know, everyone should see Yonder in the midwest, if for no other reason than because Dave absolutely shreds it here.  It must be the water.  Or the humidity. Next Adam sang his new tune "All the Time".  I really like this one.  They are writing some really fun songs lately.  We bounced all around as Ben sang "Casualty", then brought it down to more of a sway as Dave sang "8 Cylinders".  

After "8 Cylinders" they brought us back up to speed with "Boatman", and then flew right into "Steam Powered Aereoplane".  Then, as if that weren't enough, they finished out the set with "Part 1", "Ruby"> "Riverside"> "Ruby".  Annie couldn't help but pick up her cell phone and saw off a setlist to some Kinfolk with that one.  It was a smokin' hot first set full of so much love for Colin, I just didn't know how they could top it.   

The second set started with "Fastball" and blasted right into "Death Trip".  What a way to start!    Then they really made Colin's night with "Picture in a Tear".  And made my night with "Years with Rose".  Seriously, this show just kept bringing the heat.  "Northern Song" was next and I really like what they've been doing with it lately.  But this Northern Song was perhaps my favorite... ever.  It's the little things that I love about a song.  Just a tiny riff or bass line can increase the power of a song so much.  This time Jeff made some little changes in his solo, and let me tell you... it was nice.  It's really great when a piece of music can move you, and tonight I was definitely moved.  

Lately, Dave has been in the habit of announcing the next song, and after "Northern Song", he talked about walking into the spider webs on stage, "It is complicated... to have a spider web in your teeth."  After "Complicated", they threw us another handful of goodies with "Reuben and Cherise", "Polly Put the Kettle On", and a really unexpected "Ramblin in the Rambler"> "Ooh La La"> "Rambler" sandwich.  Really?  Amazing.  The second set finished up with "Pockets", "No Expectations", and "Shafty"> "East Nashville Easter".

This was such an incredible show, and the encore sealed the deal with "Troubled Mind"> "20 Eyes"> "Troubled Mind" and "2 Hits and the Joint Turned Brown".  We hear "2 Hits" all the time, but this time Jeff threw in even more love for Colin.  "If you sat down at a table and ate a hundred wings... you'd feel terrible... and if you drove one hundred miles to see us one hundred times... you would be a superstar."  Yes, Colin is a superstar - I would have to agree.

Thanks to everyone who made this night so special and so fun.  It's always great to be surrounded by our Kinfolk, and this was the perfect kick-off to the final shows of Yonder's Summer Tour.  

Written by Dorothy St.Claire

Yonder Mountain String Band
8/16/11 The Landing - CEFCU, Peoria, IL

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