Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN (October 6, 2012)

40th Birthday with Yonder??  Del Yeah!
written by Sandy Procknow

Our trip down to Memphis started with a side trip to St. Louis the day before for Del Yeah... What a great precursor to a FANTASTIC birthday show. We left St. Louis early in the morning to head down to Memphis, Tennessee. I wish I could say that the weather was on our side, but it was cold, damp, and rainy the entire ride. We got to the hotel with just enough time to get some BBQ on Beale Street, and have a couple of pre-show cocktails before we grabbed a cab to the venue.

The Minglewood Hall was not what I expected... with a name like “Minglewood” and me being a HUGE Deadhead I had some pre-conceived notions about what it should look like.  Minglewood seemed like a newer venue and had a cafetorium vibe to it, with round tables and chairs in the back and a red-velvet curtain hanging directly behind it. The crowd was mostly college aged, with most of them holding a Yonder Coozie around a Bud Light. :)

Brownbird (FANTASTIC) started out the evening, getting us loosened up for what laid ahead. 

After a short announcement by Ben, thanking the Chattanooga Police for NOT shooting any of their fans the night before, “On the Run"> "Hi Cross Junction"> "On The Run” started off the show, followed by Jeff singing us “Crow Black Chicken”, which has become a new favorite of mine; who doesn’t like Chicken Pie?!! Then Dave jumped in with “Night Has Left Behind”, followed by the harmonies of “Only A Northern Song”. The next chunk of music really got the crowd moving. We had a great spot right in front of Mr. Hines with plenty of room for dancing and watching! “Kentucky Mandolin” followed by Ben asking our permission to play some FAST music, which lead into "Troubled Mind"> "20 Eyes"> "Troubled Mind", followed by “Up on the Hill Where They Do The Boogie" and "2 Hits and the Joint Turned Brown”.

Set break took me to the merch booth for some fall tour goodies, and yes my very own Yonder Coozie!! After re-claiming our spot in front of Mr. Ben Hines, the second set opened with one of my all-time favorites... ”Snow on the Pines"> "King Ebenezer"> "Snow on the Pines” which then lead into “Over the Waterfall”, “Rag Mama”, and “Another Day”. Dave got back into the action with “Ripcord Blues”, and then a little song called “East Nashville Easter” because after all we were in Tennessee!! Ben kept us going with “Life’s too Short” for me to worry over you... then Adam’s “Big Spike Hammer” to finish off that little groove. 

Yonder has quite the knack for ending on a high note... taking us to that next level right before the encore... tonight would be no exception. Finishing off the second set was a powerhouse of music... "Traffic Jam"> "Dawn’s Early Light"> "ROBOTS"> "Traffic Jam”. I have one word... WooooHoooooOooooooo! Blew us away!! I would have loved to have seen the floor at eye level because I am pretty sure it was moving with all the people dancing and jumping up and down! Jeff brought us back down to earth with a “Crazy” encore; the whole crown singing along... it was a beautiful ending for a FANTASTIC show. 

I have been seeing Yonder steadily for the past 6-7 years and this was by far one my favorite shows. The set list was like a ‘fantasy’ set list for me... I couldn’t have written a better one myself. I have one more show this year and then that’s it till Winter Tour!  Thanks Yonder Kinfolk! Thanks Boys!! See ya on the road!  

Written by Sandy Procknow

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