The Revolution - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (February 17, 2012)

written by Lori Gleason

The evening started with much anticipation, with the crowd growing and eventually stomping their feet for the band to start. There were some familiar faces, a handful of Colorado folks, but also a lot of first timers for a Yonder show! The venue is set up so there is floor space, upper rail space, and an upstairs balcony that goes 360 degrees around the entire venue and stage, with a plexi-glass barrier at the stage area, similar to a hocky rink. "Polka on the Banjo", one of my favorites, was the energetic opener! Everyone was dancing and having fun. "Romance Blues" was next, then "Spanish Harlem Incident", another favorite. Ben sent out a few shouts to his sister and cracked a couple jokes; she lives in Ft. Lauderdale. He then sang "Complicated"> "Boots". The crowd was really into it and the room was packed! 

"No Expectations" came next and Jeff was jamming his mando! The room was rocking and so was the band! "Jail Song" and "Sometimes I've Won" slowed the tone down for a little bit. "Red Rocking Chair", "Lay it on the Line" and "Wildewood Drive" followed. Then came the big set closer jam "Peace of Mind"> "Natchez Whistle"> "Peace of Mind"! Everyone was so wound up at set break. I heard many people talking about how much they were enjoying the show. I just smiled and looked forward to the second set!

Not to disappoint, they opened the set with "Boatman"> "Left me in a Hole". "Boatman" really got the crowd right back to where they left them the last set. Then "Loved You Enough" was followed by my favorite Ben song, "Casualty". Adam sang "Night Out" which was a great tune to follow. "Steam Powered Airplane" came next, followed by "Ten". The guys played a Danny Barnes song, "Funtime", which a lot of people really enjoyed and kept on singing after the song ended. 

The "Irondale" jam followed with a hint of the next song, "Traffic Jam"! After that song seemed to end, Jeff commented on the "Medical Marijuana Conference" banner that was hanging in the venue, and got quite a chuckle out of it. Then he reminded the youngsters how marijuana used to have seeds. Everyone was laughing and there was a scent in the air when "Granny Won't You Smoke Some" came on. "Traffic Jam" finished up the set. No one could believe that this was the end of the show! More feet stomping continued until they came back out to finish off with "Sharecorpper's Son". 

With a quick wave they were off! I have to say, I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale and saw many types of shows at this venue, but Yonder really brought it that night and I'll be back for more! I can't wait!

Written by Lori Gleason

Yonder Mountain String Band
2/17/12 Revolution, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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