The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA (February 11, 2012)

written by Eric Martin

“No backpacks.”
“But it’s my camera…”
“No cameras.”

Nothing like some home-town lovin. Not a thing in the world could get me down tonight, though. After a great show in Nashville last night, a great (and big) breakfast, and a great nap, I was ready for one of my favorite nights of the year; the family reunion known as Yonder at the Tabernacle.

The stringdusters would open again tonight, and again, do a great job. Nashville was my first Dusters show, and they brought the heat. Tonight would be no different. At one point during the show I told Mr. Ryan Smith, “When Yonder’s old and crotchety I guess we can follow these guys around….”  That being said, I was only the tiniest bit disappointed when none of the Stringdusters came out with Yonder for the first set, but the encore would more than make up for that. (More Andy Hall!)

“Everybody please welcome back to the stage, Mr. Ben Kauffman!”
“I forgot how to do this.” Joked Ben, as he gloated about his baby. “Even when he spits up breast milk it smells terrific!” Ben said to an uproar of applause. “If you guys are cheering for that, we can’t lose tonight.” Said Adam.

“No Expectations” was played last night, so we knew that, for the first time in 4 years, they wouldn’t open the Atlanta show with it. We were all guessing Ben songs, but we failed to guess “Mother’s Only Son”. Then it was Jeff’s turn with “What the Night Brings”. Then Dave with “Crooked Hitch”. Keeping the pattern going, Adam was next with “All the Time”. Next, in honor of Ben’s new son, was “Don’t Worry Happy Birthday”. This was only the second time they’ve played this (also during the NYE run) and I personally hope they keep this one in rotation cause I really enjoy it. Go figure, I like a Dave song. “Damned if the Right One” got the feet movin', followed by “Ragdoll”, which got everyone grooving. Then the boys acknowledged the fact that Willie Nelson is playing the same stage tomorrow night, and played an always pleasing “Good Hearted Woman”. Next would come the first song I ever saw Yonder play live, “Redbird”, followed by a great “Elzic’s”>”Looking Back Over My Shoulder” to round out a great, energetic first set.

Again, just the 4 boys come out at the start of set 2. “We love coming to the south.” Said Jeff; “You folks have such…. Flavor.” “Southern Flavor” would flow perfectly into “Criminal”. Throughout the show Jeff could be noticed glancing at Ben like some lovestruck schoolgirl. It was obvious we weren’t the only ones happy to see Ben back. To the audience's delight, “Ten” was next, followed by “Pockets”, and “Finally Saw the Light”. Just how happy Jeff was to have Ben back was made obvious when he walked over after this number and embraced Ben in a nice, long, bear-hug. After the bear-hug was another new favorite, “Shake Me Up”. “Maid of the Canyon” and “Jail Song” would follow a detailed conversation between Ben and Dave about the joys of babytalk. “Let’s play some bluegrass….” Jeff would interject. And play some bluegrass they did. An “Angel”> “Riverside”> “Robots”> “Angel” sandwich would end the show with a bang, as is tradition at the Tabernacle.

After the encore break we finally got some group jamming. (More Andy Hall!) Everyone came out this time and the Infamous Yonder Mountain Stringdusters jammed the best version of “My Gal” these ears will ever hear. I’m not even going to break out the thesaurus to find adjectives to try and describe this one, or the “Up On the Hill” that followed. The best thing I could do is just tell you to get this show. You won’t regret it!

The boys always bring the heat for Atlanta, and this year was no different. If you’ve never seen Yonder at the Tabernacle I very highly recommend it. As Jeff put it, “The best club sandwich of a venue ever!”

Thanks guys! See ya tomorrow!
(More Andy Hall!!)

Written By Eric Martin

Yonder Mountain String Band
2/11/12 Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

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  1. Great job Eric!! It is always nice to read these read these and re-live an amazing night. Great seeing you my friend. Keep up the good work!!!


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