Emerson Cultural Center - Bozeman, MT (March 21, 2013)

Written by Garth Wagner

OK, I was pumped and ready for this night. Bozeman has a reputation for being a great, fun town. So far it seemed to be. Met a friend for dinner and beers at an awesome place called Ale Works. Great menu and crowd.

Headed to the Emerson Cutural Center for will call and doors. I was really looking forward to seeing this place. I have the show from the last time they played here and the banter throughout was classic. Ben talked lots about how on this night it was the Emerson Sub-Cultural Center. Someone threw a giant bra on stage that Jeff referred to as a 20 degree bra.

Nice looking venue. Same scene, me and one other guy standing in the front row for an hour. So I headed into the next room where the bar was. Bought two drinks to save me a trip. As I was walking out I was informed that drinks are not allowed in the theater. And, they were not kidding. So, I slammed my two drinks and went back to claim my spot. The Deadly Gentlmen played another good set to a much more mellow crowd than the night before. Seems like the Bozeman crowd likes to be fashionably late.

They did show up in time for the boys, though. And it seemed to be a super fun and ready crowd. Yonder got the night started with one of my favorites, "Cuckoo's Nest", right into a super favorite of mine, "Up on the Hill Where They do the Boogie". Allright, this is going to be a sick show with a start like that. A killer "Sometimes I've Won" kept things going great. "Troubled Mind" started up and I prayed to myself that we would get a "20 Eyes" in the middle, and, we do! "One More" and "Honestly" follow. The girl next to me was celebrating her first Yonder show and her 21st birthday. So it seemed fitting that Dave played the classic, "Don't Worry, Happy Birthday". "Night Out" came next, and prepared us for the set closer. Mike Barnett from the Deadly Gentlmen joined the band with his fiddle. Always great to have a fiddle with the boys. And they took advantage of it. Closing the first set with a "Traffic Jam"> "No Expectations"> "Traffic Jam" sandwhich. I couldn't think of a better way to end a set. Myself and the people of Bozeman were hot and happy. A first set "Traffic Jam" is always a treat. And what a first set it was, look at that set list!

The lights went back down and I was super ready. A great "Casualty" got things started off right. An awesome Dead cover, "Althea", fit my groove just fine. "Jail Song" and "40 Miles From Denver" kept the mood flowing perfectly. Jeff told us he has been sober for 6 months today, and the next tune is his inspiration. The meaning behind "What the Night Brings" is more clear now, and he sang it with a more than usual amount of passion. Nice work Jeff!!! "Looking Back Over my Shoulder" ripped us into a rippin' "Bolton Stretch", always a favorite in my book. "Just Like Old Times" led us to "Polka on a Banjo", which I have always enjoyed; how could you not? My favorite Adam tune, "Pride of Alabama" brought us to the set ender. Which, turned out to be another great way to end a set. "Ten" with a "2 Hits and the Joint Turned Brown" about did me in. I was now hot, tired, and sore.

The encores of "At the End of the Day" and "My Gal" finished us off nicely. Man, what a show. Looking at the set list and listening to this show makes me realize that this was, in my opinion a top 10% Yonder show. And once again I am looking forward to the next night in Missoula.

Written by Garth Wagner

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