Jannus Live - St. Petersburg, FL (February 5)

Once again, we had just enough time to get to our hotel, shower, and call our cab. It was a rainy night, but we were still ready for one last fun show. We met up with our friends in line and waited in the rain for doors to open. I thought this was a pretty cool venue. It was outdoors, but there was plenty of cover over the stage and the front of the crowd.

As we grabbed our spots and visited with each other before the show started, it was a bittersweet feeling. We had all had so much fun together, but the week had gone by so fast and this was the last show of the run. Yes, there are always more shows, and we'd be seeing each other again (some much sooner than others), but it's still hard to say goodbye. But then the boys came out, and we forgot about the sadness because the show was about to begin!

I don't know what it was. Maybe that it was the last day of the run and the band was about to have a few days off with their families, maybe it was having Lilli and the Trippe family in attendance... whatever it was, you could see that the boys were in great spirits. They hit those first few notes of "Steam Powered Aereoplane", and the place just started bouncing.

Jeff broke a string, so while he was off stage, Ben decided to discuss the Superbowl. It was no question who he was rooting for, wearing his Steeler's jersey, and after talking about consoling Packer's fans the next day he was put in his place when he asked the audience who they were rooting for. It was a Packer's crowd. Sorry, Ben. On to the next song!

They gave us "Left Me in a Hole", "Traffic Jam", and "Eight Cylinders" before dedicating "Going Up" to a fan who had lost someone earlier in the week. Next was "Lilli Has a Daydream", played for Yonder's newest Hall of Fame inductee, Lilli Trippe. They finished off the set with a dedication to Jeff's girlfriend for her birthday with "Years with Rose"> "Girlfriend"> "Angel". It was a great first set.

The second set was full of energy giving us a bunch of great songs, including surprises such as "Little Maggie"> "Suspicious Minds"> "Little Maggie", "To See You Coming Round the Bend", and "Whipping Post". Adam introduced "Another Day" as a song about missing your significant other... "but mine's right here!". Julie spent most of the show at the side of the stage, and might've been the distraction that caused Adam to hit a very painful chord at the beginning of "Finally Saw the Light". Adam never messes up. It was pretty funny.

All too soon, it was almost over and the boys came out for the encore. They started it with "Ragdoll" before Jeff asked Ben to finish it up for us. They started "Part 1", and immediately I wondered to myself if they were going to go for it and push it into "Bolton Stretch". Holy cow, that's exactly what they did. Thank you thank you thank you. These are the moments that bring all the magic together in a huge explosion of music and dancing and smiling faces. I love this band.

Written by Dorothy St.Claire

Yonder Mountain String Band
2/5/11 Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL

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