Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL (February 4)

The first half of our Florida trip was pretty laid back, with plenty of time for travel, sightseeing, and visiting with friends. The second half - not so much. The drive from Jax Beach to Fort Lauderdale was a few hours, leaving us with just enough time to check in and get showered before heading to the venue. We met up with Michael, Terra, Steve, and Theresa - and it was Terra's first show!!! Exciting!

Michael had told me about this venue and the height of the stage, so when we got inside I was prepared for an uncomfortably high stage. But, it wasn't so bad. The rail was far back enough that my neck wasn't cricked too badly. But then I noticed something else. People were smoking. Really? Another smoking venue? What is going on? It still wasn't as bad as Gainesville, though. I don't think anything can top that as the smokiest show EVER.

As the show started, I wandered around a little bit to take photos. This venue has an area upstairs with plexiglass windows looking down to the stage from the sides. Really cool. It was like a hockey arena.

The show started with "Bloody Mary Morning" into "Yes She Do (No She Don't)", and I couldn't believe my ears. This is the same beginning as from the Des Moines show in 2010, which we had just listened to on the ride to Ft. Lauderdale. Weird. After getting a bunch of photos from different perspectives, I made my way back to my rail spot between Terra and Theresa. Let's just say, Terra was already hooked.

Then... only 5 songs in... "REUBEN AND CHERISE"! What?! That was a surprise. No one really ever expects to hear this song, especially so early in the set. These boys are just full of surprises. The set continued with "Mother's Only Son", followed by "If I Lose" (one of my favorites). "Dreams" slowed down the pace a little, and then I got one of my favorite instrumentals - "Mossy Cow". Next was "Midwest Gospel Radio"! I mean jeez! This was turning out to be a truly incredible set. And how could it get any better? By finishing off with "Snow on the Pines"> "King Ebenezer"> "Snow". We had been waiting for a "Snow on the Pines", and they didn't disappoint.

In the 2nd set, we got "Blue Collar Blues", which has a running inside joke with our friends, as well as "Must've Had Your Reasons". Another treat was "Cupid Shot Me Twice", and Ben was correct in saying the last time they played it was in Tulsa 2010 (another fantastic show). Then back to copying from the Des Moines show: "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere". Awesome! The 2nd set finished off with "Keep On Going"> "After Midnight"> "Holding"> "KOG" (both "After Midnight" and "Holding" were ALSO played in Des Moines). For the encore we first got "Hill Country Girl" (miss you, Anitra!), and then Ben got out his bow. I was thinking to myself, "what could it be? not 'New Horizons', not 'No Expectations'..." It was "Goodbye Blue Sky". How wonderful. We hadn't gotten that one in quite some time, and it was a perfect ending to this show.

Written by Dorothy St.Claire

Yonder Mountain String Band
2/4/11 Revolution, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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