The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC (February 10 & 11)

After meeting new Kinfolk in Charleston on Wednesday night, we headed to Asheville, our caravan a little larger than the previous night, for two undoubtedly wonderufl nights of music in North Carolina.  Before we even unloaded the car in the hotel parking lot, I'm greeted by Kinfolk from the Nashville/Knoxville run.  Now, I'm no psychic, but I could tell this was going to be a great weekend.

After a much needed power nap, we gathered in someone's hotel room, now 8 Kinfolk strong, and prepared for the next 2 nights the only way we know how.  It's a short and brisk walk from the hotel to the Orange Peel, and we gladly head out into the night.  I pop in with a quick "hello" to Scotty and grab some signatures while the other folks check out the local Asheville brews at the bar next door.  The place starts to fill up pretty quick and soon I make my way to the front, still peddling "free Kinfolk stickers!"  The boys walk onto stage in as good of spirits as I've seen them, and start things off with "Train Bound for Gloryland"> "Little Rabbit", always a treat.  "Illinois Rain"> "On the Run"> "Illinois Rain" was another first set highlight about 6 songs in.  

From there it would only get better.  After "Red Tail Lights" and "Crooked Hitch", Andy Pond joined in on banjo, and Billy Seawell on oddbox.  For those of you unaware, the oddbox is pretty much a wooden board with, literally, all the bells and whistles on it, including Altoids tins, and who knows what else.  The set ended with "My Gal"> "Freeborn Man"> "Don't Stop Till You get Enough"> "New Speedway Boogie"> "Freeborn Man".  You can imagine the collective insanity from the crowd during this sandwich sent from God.  This would be my first time hearing "Don't Stop", which has only been played 3 times in the past 6 years, and only a handful of times prior to that.

The second set also provided a ocuple of surprises.  "Althea", only 3 songs in, followed by "Jail Song", one of my favorites (I know I say that with about 80% of songs) and an announcement that the band would be holding a meet and greet before the show tomorrow night to raise money and awareness for everyone's favorite Yonder Hall of Fame inductee: Lilli Trippe.  The meet and greet went over great, the band played a very sweet but short set, and we raised over $1500 for St. Baldricks, and Peggy's haircut.

We enjoyed an only slightly chilly Friday exploring Asheville, and by the time we were getting ready for night two, we were 15 or so Kinfolk strong.  We made our way to the front, noticing that the oddbox had been replaced by a drum kit tonight, settled over on Dave's side.  The night started off with a couple oldies, "Sharecropper's Son" and "Eli Renfro", then, after showing up on the setlist 2 nights in a row and not getting played, "Another Day".  Billy Seawell would come out after this and put the drums to use for "Complicated" and "Steep Grades Sharp Curves".  A "New Horizons"> "Goodle Days"> "New Horizons" sandwich lead us into "River".  After that the Pond brothers and Billy Seawell came on stage for an extra irie John Hartford sing along to "2 Hits", complete with "momma's little baby loves shortening bread" rap, followed by a "Traffic Jam"> "Elzic's Farewell"> "Traffic Jam" sandwich to end the set.

The 2nd set continued as if there were never even a break with "Keep On Going"> "Pockets" (w/drums)> "Overtaker's Medley" (w/the Ponds)> "KOG".  "Polka on the Banjos" (plural) leads us to "Half Moon Rising", "Troubled Mind", and an awesome "Robots" (w/drums).  The highlight of my night came soon after with "Girlfriend is Better"> "Riverside"> "Raleigh and Spencer" to end the show.  I don't think I could stress enough how amazing this version of "Riverside" was.  Another great Jeff rant about pick axes and hacksaws and marriage and death and murder.  I mean, there is a reason this won for best song this year.  And I don't think it's that we Kinfolk are an unruly, murder-driven, violent lot of people.  There's just so much heart and energy put into this song, it's hard not to be moved.  

From there we headed to the hotel to "sleep", and make the trek home to Atlanta for an excellent show at the Tabernacle with even more friends and family.  Unfortunately Atlanta would prove to be my last Cabin Fever 2011 stop, but what a show to end it on.  The band seemed to be in great spirits this tour, and it really came across on stage and in the music.  Huge thanks to Adam, Ben, Dave, Jeff, and all the friends, new and old, that made this the greatest Cabin Fever Tour yet.  Already anxiously awaiting the next dates, can't wait to see everyone this summer.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  David Harold Johnston is a badass.

2/10/2011 Asheville, NC
Set 1: Trainbound For Gloryland> Little Rabbit, Belle Parker, Near Me, How Bout You, Illinois Rain> On the Run> Illinois Rain, Red Tail Lights, Crooked Hitch, My Gal(1)> Freeborn Man(1)> Don't Stop Till You Get Enough(1)> New Speedway Boogie(1)> Freeborn Man(1)

Set 2: Crow Black Chicken> Bolton Stretch, Althea, Jail Song, Holdin> If You're Ever in Oklahoma, Fine Excuses, You're No Good, What the Night Brings, Sometimes I've Won, Peace of Mind

E: Good Hearted Woman

Comment: (1) Andy Pond on banjo, Billy Seawell on oddbox

2/11/2011 Asheville, NC
Meet and Greet
Southbound, Maybe You Will Change Your Mind, Pan American, Nobody's Love is Like Mine, Country Boy Rock n Roll, Southern Flavor

Set 1: Sharecropper's Son, Eli Renfro, Another Day, Complicated(1), Steep Grade Sharp Curves(1), New Horizons> Goodle Days> New Horizons, River, 2 Hits & The Joint Turned Brown(2), Traffic Jam(3)> Muppet Show Tease(3)> Elzic's Farewell(3)> Traffic Jam(3)

Set 2: Keep On Going> Pockets(1)> Overtakers Medley(2)> Keep On Going, Polka on the Banjo(3), Half Moon Rising, Troubled Mind, Robots(1)> Fingerprint(1), Finally Saw the Light(3), Girlfriend is Better(3)> Follow Me Down to the Riverside(3)> Raleigh & Spencer

E: 40 Miles From Denver, Let Me Fall

Comment: (1) Billy Seawell on drums; (2) Andy Pond on banjo & George Pond on guitar & vocals; (3) Andy Pond on banjo

Written by Eric Martin
Yonder Mountain String Band
2/10/11 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

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Yonder Mountain String Band
2/11/11 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

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  1. Sweet!! So glad to have met you & many other Kinfolk :-)

  2. Kinfolk unite. Really enjoyed the blog and pictures


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