Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK (April 3)

The weather in Tulsa was the complete opposite from what we experienced last year.  Even though I'm not the biggest fan of really warm weather, this was better than freezing rain.  We had a pleasant drive and got some decent mexican food before forming a line outside of Cain's Ballroom.  We spent our time digesting and talking about the great moments from the weekend.  

This show had such a comfortable and easy feel to it.  Everyone was so friendly and happy, and it just felt like family.  Dallas was very, "This is a House of Blues. Don't do anything bad - we're watching you."  Austin was very, "It's a Saturday night in Austin, let's RAGE!"  And Tulsa ended up being, "It's Sunday, last day of the first week of tour, let's play some music and have a great time together."

"If Loving You is Killing Me" opened up the show.  Followed by "Maid of the Canyon" and "Steam Powered Aereoplane".  By now, the crowd was fully pumped and having a great time.  And I love me some "Steam Powered Aereoplane".  My favorite John Hartford cover?  Quite possibly.  "Long Time", "Too Late Now", and "Town" were fun... but then they blew us away with the rest of the set.  I freaked out a little when they started "And Your Bird Can Sing", and then Anitra got her "Ramblin' Boy".  It was surreal.  Then we got a beautiful "Morning Dew", reminiscent of the version they played in Des Moines last summer.  We were still beaming from the last three songs when Adam started "Roughneck Blues".  Then, being a Sunday night, we needed some gospel; and we got it with "Paul and Silas".  This is a fun one that we seem to be getting fairly often lately.  After a gospel tune, we got "Belle Parker", a dancing tune.  This set was getting pretty long and it was already really awesome, but how would they end it?  With an "On the Run"> "Reuben and Cherise"> "On the Run" sandwich.  What?!  Yes.

The set break seemed pretty long, but finally they were back - opening the second set with "Up on the Hill Where They do the Boogie"... then ripping into "Southern Flavor".  I know I say it every time, but I LOVE this song!  After just a few more songs (my highlights being It "Takes a Lot to Laugh" and "Walking Shoes"), we were already in the final sandwich of the set.  But it was a good'n.  "Piece of Mind"> "Girlfriend is Better"> "Piece of Mind".  Can't go wrong with that.  I wonder how many people noticed the Lady Gaga thrown in there.

As we waited for them to come back out for the encore, I was ecstatic about the weekend we had just experienced, but I could feel the sadness coming on that goes with the realization that it's almost over.  Yonder had "played right up to our little slot there, monsters, so we got time for one more tune."  That one more tune turned to two, with "Down the River Road" and "Brown Mountain Light".  Fantastic choices for an encore.  

This was an excellent run of shows, and each night was better than the one before. We had such a great crew of Kinfolk and everything worked out perfectly.  I can't wait to do it again!  

Written by Dorothy St.Claire

Yonder Mountain String Band
4/3/11 Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK

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