Spring Tour Thoughts

This recent Spring Tour I was given the opportunity to give back to a band that has had a huge influence on my life. I’m not saying that I ever followed them down to the riverside or anything like that however I believe I would if it were going to be a bubbling and a bubbly. The opportunity was to do marketing for them with teams for a portion of the Spring Tour. Within a week or so, I was given the responsibility to write about the shows, while taking some concert photography as well. Writing is a passion of mine, and I was just thrilled for the opportunity to give back. 

We have all had bad times but the last 2 years have been the lowest by far. I will be dammed though if just like clockwork, when I would be feeling really low, the perfect Yonder song would pop into my head and give me new hope, shed in a different light. Without even knowing, this band from Colorado was helping me through very difficult times. So of course, I was excited. I was geared up and ready to tour. That is when I found out that my mother was going to have open heart surgery. Devastated by another rock in the road, I felt as though I was letting the band down somehow. But come on. It is Mom and there was no question that I would be making a call to inform that I wouldn’t be making any of the shows. Mom had an emergency surgery. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't remember Adam, Jeff, or Ben rocking me to sleep as a child. But, we have all had or have Moms and I knew there would be no issue of misunderstanding. All I can say is there are a lot of solid hearts in their organization. At 5:00 AM, I was with my mom right before she was going into surgery, both with thoughts of love and fear, and that horrible question that pops into your head. NO! We were both trying to smile and act positive. I noticed that I had an e-mail on my phone from the band and management giving my mom their best wishes and hoping that all goes well. What band does that? Apparently, YMSB of Colorado does. They don’t know me, or my mom. Yet they were that thoughtful. It made us both smile and allowed us both a moment of distraction before the surgery. Good news, Mom is home today, and she is moving around fine. Healing will take time but I am here for her. It is so evident how these pickers can play a song with so much passion. They really do care about their fans. That means you. So without further ado.... I can faintly hear.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave Johnston on the banjo”, With..... The Kinfolk making up the crowd. There are critics, silent listeners, singers, wigglers, chatters, tapers and Yonderers. A personal favorite of mine would be, the high five you give your friend when they sneakily led you into the perfect next tune or the right cover that floored your senses. All while each and every one of the entertained is having their very own, unique experience. Yet so harmonious it is simply accepted as, the magic of the show, or maybe I should say voodoo. So how can a concert post take you back to that show that was so unique to you as an individual? The great news is it can’t. If it could, your show would no longer be unique to that single moment when you were enveloped by the music being played. It was happening. You heard that song that you have heard so many times but this time... you realized, that you’ve been “Red Tail Lights” and your gone again or maybe, damn you know what, my gal really can’t cook pork chops. Then, pork chops are just never the same.

So does a tree make a sound in the woods if no one is around? No, it just waves passing through the air. Yonder, yes they make sound. Sometimes, as pleasant as a twig floating in a stream, then, “ When you're listening late at night you may think the band are not quite right,” until they are bantering about a Cuckoo's Nest
. I believe, I should use or create a word other than sound for them. Sound can just fall off deaf ears. We hear and digest these stories and harmonies because they give us no choice. Once we have made the choice to go, a guaranteed adventure is what they give. I never even have left a show before without learning something new about myself. Even if it was simply that I am not the only person that has gone through hard times, someone else was left in a hole or needed help finding their way home. It is evident the amount of time they put into their timing, harmonies, creations and delivery. It almost sounds selfish, to speak of the things we are taking from the shows. On the other hand, that is the best gratitude imaginable to such a unique act. Your life was touched by their music, even if it was as simple as having one hell of a night with good friends. I can confidently assume why the boys spent so much time in our beloved California. New ears, new venues (Harlow’s) and all the good ole’ ones that we love to visit, The Mystic, Catalyst, State-line, The Historic Fillmore Ballroom, El Rey, and Eureka Theater. Had I been able to hit the tour as planned I’m sure I would have joined in on the smiles. And just like yourself, had those nuggets to take away with me from the shows, keeping them, as I go on with new journeys because that is what we do and why they give it their all every night.

Written by Jason Travis 

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