The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA (April 23) A.D.

Hello Kinfolk,

Yonder’s tour closer on Saturday, April 23 at the Fillmore in San Francisco was nothing short of spectacular.  During the first set, Jeff couldn’t help but shout to the crowd that the band had been “rejuvenated” simply by standing on the stage looking out at the throngs of fans and Fillmore chandeliers.  The boys started things off on the right foot with a particularly funky “No Expectations. “ However, the climax of the set was undoubtedly their rendition of The Grateful Dead’s “Althea.”  Jeff proclaimed himself a Dead-head as the band stood looking at a picture of the man himself.  As they did in the previous show, the boys played a lot of new tunes on Saturday.  This raging first set ended with a bang in the form of a tasty “Come Together” cover sandwiched between a thunderous “New Horizons.”  The crowd barely had enough time to unwind from the onslaught before the boys returned to open their second set with a grassy version of the Talking Heads’ “Girlfriend is Better” packaged neatly in the middle of a triumphant “Keep on Going.”   This wild second set also saw a very dirty “Kentucky Mandolin” that got the crowd wiggling.  Yonder’s tour closer ended with Dave belting out a beautiful version of his “Wind’s on Fire” before an extremely raging “Traffic Jam>East Nashville Easter>Traffic Jam.”  In fine form, the boys capped off their tour with a great two-song encore and, of course, by bidding adieu to their San Francisco fans. 

Cheers to a wonderful Spring Tour!

Written by Andy Dalton

Yonder Mountain String Band
4/23/11 Theatre, San Francisco, CA

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