Stubb's - Austin, TX (April 2)

We were so darn excited to go to Austin - and Stubb's - for the first time.  We got there early in the afternoon and filled our bellies with smoked meats before standing in the 90 degree heat, waiting for the show.  The food was really good, and I swear I had dreams of potato skins for the rest of the week.

Once inside the venue, it really felt as if we were all at a festival.  Like festival season was just beginning.  We took full advantage of the wait time before the show began to talk and joke with all of our friends.

Jeff's mom was in the audience for this show, and right as the band came out, you could tell he was in a fantastic mood.  They started off right with "Hill Country Girl", getting the whole crowd moving right away.  After that they played "Complicated"... which might not have been the best choice for so early in the show.  Everyone was ready to get down to some fast-ass bluegrass, and I don't think they wanted to slow it down so soon.  But then they brought it right back up with a new Dave instrumental!  Woohoo!  Sometimes it really sucks to see a band play new songs, but Yonder just doesn't disappoint.  They played a lot of new songs this night, and it was totally awesome.

I thought this whole show was a good mix of new tunes and old classics.  "Far From You" and "Just Like the Old Times" had been played only a time or two before, and they pulled out a new cover of the Bad Livers' "Pretty Daughter". That was so great. Yonder was meant to cover that song.  Along with these newbies in the first set, we also got "Loved You Enough", "Mother's Only Son", and a fantastic "Keep On Going"> "Honestly"> "Keep On Going" sandwich.

The second set started out very similar to the first.  They came in with a heavy-hitter ("Death Trip"), then immediately slowed us down ("I'd Like Off").  But then, just a couple songs into the second set, "Snow on the Pines".  Nice.  This is one of those Yonder classics that I could hear at every show... or at least, every run of shows. One of those songs that is just Yonder.  If someone asks me what Yonder is like, this is the song I point them to.  Love it.  And sandwiched in this "Snow on the Pines"?  Another new one - "B-Boogie".  It seems some of their songs are written just so that they can watch the ladies dance.  I have no problem with that.

How do they keep the show going strong after that?  With "Althea", of course!  I love that this song has made it into the regular rotation.  This was about the time that a young girl violently pushed into us and ultimately took Colin's spot next to me. Then she kept trying to get security to kick us out.  I'd like to understand her train of thought that justified her actions.  Whatever.  We still had a great time.  Yonder followed up a beautiful "Althea" with a fast-as-hell "Casualty".  Holy cow.  It was really fast.  And Fun.  Ben definitely was pleased with himself for setting the pace for this one.

"Rain Still Falls" and "Finally Saw the Light" came next, followed by another new one - "One More".  This song was "dedicated to all the guys out there who have put up with a lot more sh*t than they probably should have".  Oh yeah, let it out Jeff.

Dave took the lead with an always great "You're No Good", but then it went back to Jeff with what we were all waiting for - "Ten"> "Riverside"> "Ten".  Back in February, when we were all together in Madison, we were talking about seeing Yonder at Stubb's.  We talked about eating ribs then seeing Yonder.  Which turned into "Riberside".  And "Hey sweet honey, are those your ribs or are they mine?".  Thank Junkyard for that one.  Anyway, we were stoked that they played this sandwich at Stubb's.  And it was a super dark and scary "Riverside".

Dallas was fun, but this night was better.  The energy was high, both from the audience and from the stage, and we were treated with so many new tunes.  

Written by Dorothy St.Claire

Yonder Mountain String Band
4/2/11 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX

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